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Modern Jazz                           
Our Modern Jazz classes will definately make you want to "Busta Move".

From warm up, to technique, to routines, the classes are packed full of fun. Whether they are learning a traditional broadway jazz or the more funky commercial jazz the students are sure to have a blast.

Classes available from ages 2yrs-Advanced.

Tap dancing is lots of fun and when taught correctly can sound amazing.

Student's will learn how to make fantastic rhythms with their feet and will be challenged to different styles of Tap. Old favourites like Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire brought a more broadway style and the more recent Tap Dogs brought an added funky edge.

Classes available from ages 2yrs-Adult.


Classical Ballet
Classical Ballet is the most disciplined form of dance most commonly known for its poise, turnout and technique.

Structured syllabus based classes help dancers to understand the body and is beneficial to producing a high standard of dance in all other genres.

Classes available from ages 3yrs-Advanced, including Pointe.


All acro classes start with stretch and strengthening excercises. Then under careful guidence from experienced teachers, work from bendbacks and cartwheels to more advanced tricks like backflips and aerial work. We also work on flexibility, contortion, balance and control.

Acro classes are based on ability level and have the opportunity to move up a level throughout the year once tricks have been mastered.

Classes available from 4yrs - Advanced.


Hip Hop
Hip Hop classes are a very popular place to start for beginner dancers. Using modern up-beat music, classes are energetic, funky and let dancers add their own personal flair.

Classes available from 6yrs-Advanced.


Lyrical Dance is a blend of jazz and ballet. The choreography is inspired by the lyrics of the song and is performed to create strong emotion. It is a beautiful style to watch and can really connect an audience member to the dancer.

Classes are available from 14yrs-Advanced and children must take a ballet class to enrol.


Technique Extension

A class dedicated to helping dancers focus on technique while preparing their body with the strength to enhance performance, minimize the risk of injury and promote longevity.

Private Lessons
Private lessons are offered to students who wish to take part in competitions.

Competitions are great for a child’s self-confidence and self-esteem. It allows them to perform on a stage against other dancing schools in a friendly atmosphere.





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