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"BMDA is a great dance school for boys and girls. Both my son (17) and daughter (19) have been learning tap, jazz and ballet since they were tiny with BMDA. They have developed into accomplished dancers which has put them in a great position when auditioning for musical theatre roles. Both have been successful in getting both lead and dance roles with my daughter being the dance captain for her school production of We Will Rock You and my son gaining lead roles for Mercedes girls school. Dance has become part of their lives, and I am sure that where ever it takes them they will never forget the support and love they have experienced at BMDA. I have also loved being part of the dance school as a dance mum and dancing myself in the Adult Tap class. We have all made friends for a lifetime."


Danielle A.


I have been with Busta Move since they opened 16 years ago and I have never felt more loved and comfortable in my life, they have not only been dance teachers to me they have been my mother, big sisters and family.
My daughter now dances with BMDA and she is becoming the most amazing little dancer because they put the effort and time in with her.
Busta Move is more than a dance school it's Home.


Jessica K.

"We have been attending Busta move dance academy for 5 years now and It is not just a dance school but a dance family. It is highly professional and encouraging, yet loving and supportive. It has the right balance for any dancer, whether they just love to dance or are competitive and want to compete. There is something for everyone. I am very thankful for this amazing place and the incredible teachers for providing a second home to my girls where they can do what they love."


Nikki D.






"Busta Move Dance Academy is the absolute best. My nearly four year old daughter has been there for two years and is loving it more than ever. All the teachers and staff are amazing and so dedicated to helping students and honestly the friendships that I have made as a parent are lifelong and I cherish them. Highly recommended for boys and girls."

Michelle B.



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